5 Tips for Moving in Port Saint Lucie

Immersed in the center of Florida’s Treasure Coast sits Port Saint Lucie just under an hour north of Palm Beach. This growing urban area is chock full of environmental preserves, lush rivers, breath taking beaches, shops and eateries. The weather is a consistent 70 to 90 degrees throughout taking it a sought-after destination for vacations and for permanent living.

No wonder why so many people choose to move here! If you are facing a move to Port Saint Lucie, your first thought may be hiring an experienced mover who knows this area inside and out. Well, we have you covered on that first one: Reliable Moving & Delivery. And now, we’ll let you in on five tips for moving in Port Saint Lucie, home to 179,000 at last count. 

1. Plan it Out

First thing to do is to set a moving date. Everything else will fall into place. Use this as your guide to prepping for your move in Port Saint Lucie. Order your packing supplies and pick up a variety of small, medium and large boxes. It’s best to use moving quality boxes because they’re the sturdiest, but if you do end up using old boxes from the grocery store or from friends, be sure to double tape the bottoms. Pick up Sharpies and labels so each box has a clear destination. All this prep work will pay off on moving day, trust us!

2. Hire Movers with Experience

Hiring trustworthy movers who know the local area is critical. In any case, don’t go it alone, no matter what you’ve heard. Hiring friends may seem like a cheap alternative but the medical bills resulting from a blown back or tweaked neck will far outweigh those initial savings. You’ll also have to take more time off work to get the job done, adding in additional time for packing and unpacking. Save yourself the time and hassle and get a professional mover to handle it all for you. Call a few different movers and get free quotes from each. Inform them how many rooms you’ll be moving, how many large items you have and how many boxes you’ll need for packing.

3. Take Stock of What You Have

Remember, the more boxes you have, the more time it takes to move and the more money you’ll spend. To cut down on extraneous trips by the movers, it’s best to purge your belongings now rather than at the new place. Make three piles: one to donate, one to sell and one to trash. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year. Take measurements of your existing place and the new one if you can. This will help you plan how you will remove large pieces of furniture or awkward items.

4. Be Prepared

To avoid the dump and run, be clear in your instructions to your movers. Clearly label all boxes. Color code them if you have to: red for kitchen, blue for bathroom, etc. Write the destination on the box too, such as girls’ bedroom, second door on hallway to right. This will help you deal with the frenetic pace of moving day, especially when it comes to large items. Be specific with orientation, showing your movers just where you want that sectional upon arrival. 

5. Pack Safely

Keeping fragile items safe starts with careful packing. Group delicate items together and label them as fragile to alert movers of boxes that require extra care. Pack dishes like you would books in a bookcase, separated by packing paper or bubble wrap. Stacking them one on top of the other will lead to breakage.

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