Packing and Unpacking: Keeping You Organized Throughout Your Move

We pack precisely and efficiently to minimize damage risks,

Who has the time to pack up their stuff in such a way that it will be safe for their move? Even if you do have the time, do you have all the moving supplies you’ll need to do a good job, such as sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, paper, labels, etc.? Don’t worry, Reliable Movers is so much more than just a moving company, and we can help with all of your commercial and residential moving needs.

We offer helpful services to complement your move. Just let us know, and we can show up with all the supplies necessary to box up your items, furniture, and keepsakes for the trip. Our moving professionals are trained in the best ways to pack anything from dishes and artwork to lamps and TVs. How you pack fragile items can make or break them — literally.

Even standard items like clothing, toys, toiletries, and pantry items can be packed in such a way that cuts down on wasted space. This results in a quicker, more efficient move with as little downtime as possible. Our fully licensed and insured movers can pack and unpack your belongings as part of your next move throughout Southern Florida, including Port Saint Lucie County, Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade.

Tips on Efficient Packing

The right packing job makes all the difference in an unpacking process that isn’t riddled with fear. When you pack on your own, quickly and haphazardly, you may cringe when you open up those boxes at the new destination. When you have us pack your stuff, you can open those boxes with confidence.

Here are some packing tips to keep in mind:

  • Start planning early. Don’t leave packing until the last minute, as this is when mistakes happen.
  • Pack systematically. Start with a little-used room first, such as a craft room or guest room, then progress from there. Leave the kitchen and bathrooms for last.
  • Make and follow a checklist. There’s nothing more satisfying than checking something off your to-do list. Reward yourself after every mini-task with a cup of coffee or a snack.
  • Purge as you go. The more stuff you have to move, the more it will cost you. Throw out what you haven’t used in a year. Donate and recycle what you can. Trash the rest.
  • Pack safely. There are many parts of your move in which you can skimp to save money. Packing material is not one of those things. Get more than you think you’ll need. Invest in sturdy moving boxes with strong bottoms. Double tape the bottoms of boxes and place bubble wrap in between items. Pack plates like you would books in a bookcase, with bubble wrap or paper in between. Don’t stack them one on top of the other, as this can lead to breakage.

Contact Reliable Movers for Packing and Unpacking

Call us for a free quote on our packing and unpacking services at 561-440-2821 or fill out our online form. We happily service all of Port Saint Lucie County, Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami-Dade with superior packing and unpacking services.