Pricing Your Move

Reliable Moving & Delivery has several different ways of pricing moves because we operate on General Binding Estimates. Since we do not offer by the hour or by weight, we price our residential moves by the truck size.

Offering prices by the truck size gives us a guideline for pricing. For example, a 26 foot truck is priced by how full it is. 1/2, 3/4, or full.   Many times customers do not understand how much inventory they actually have.

By utilizing this pricing structure, it also gives customers the ability to stop at 3/4 or full, opting to take the smaller loose items by their own transport to save money.

An average 2-3 bedroom apartment will fit into a 17 foot cube truck.

An average home of 3 bedrooms will fit into a 26 foot truck.

After reviewing your inventory, a truck size will be determined. The price for the truck includes Men, gas, labor, shrink wrapping, break down and set up of bedroom furniture, moving pads, dollies,  and 1 trip.

Excessive walk ways, stair carry, extra stops or additional trips can change the normal truck price.

The truck is loaded to its fullest capacity, utilizing all space available.

All shipments are valued at 60 cents per pound as required by NYS Department of Transportation.   If you require a larger insurance valuation this may also change the price of our move.

All cargo insurance claims have a $500.00 deductible.

Please call for the pricing of trucks: (800) 662-1216